Strength Training Exercises for Beginners

There is lot of benefit associated with strength training. You will be able to loose the unwanted weight from your body and maintain the body strength using strength training exercises. You have to include strength training exercises in your workout irrespective of your objectives. One thing you have to make sure before doing strength training is that whether you are for doing it. You have to consult you personal doctor before lifting weights. People having heart and bone problems are recommended not to take excessive weights.

You should also control the amount of time spend for weight training depending on the physical conditions. The weight training exercises should be done consistently for 1 to 3 muscle group each day. You should ensure that you are giving exercise to all muscle groups in a week. Warm up is an essential part in strengthening exercise. You should warm up for 5 to 10 minutes using light cardio exercises. You can also use light or medium weights for warming up.

You have got a wide variety of strengthening exercises. Carefully select one or two exercise for each muscle group. You can initially begin with less number of reps for each exercise. After some time you will feel comfortable with a weight. Increase the number of reps or weight to create more resistance. You can use machines to perform strengthening exercises in a gym. You will get more stability in the movements using fitness machines.

Reset is an important factor in muscles building. Your body should get proper rest for building the muscles. A complete day should be given for rest in a week after extensive training. You can always challenge your body by increasing weight and reps. You should not overwork and kill your body. You can change the workout routine after 5 or six weeks.
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