Building Customer Base using Social Media through fitness marketing blog

Using social media to compliment your fitness marketing blog business build-up can prove very beneficial. In this day and age when almost everyone is using some social network programme, it is a great opportunity to strengthen your present business contacts as well as to attract new clients. However to avail of the opportunity you will need to do a bit of strategising. A few tips to help you use social media for your fitness marketing business are given below:

    • There are several social platforms on the internet. What you need to do is check out which particular platforms your clients are using. Once you have this information you can use the knowledge gained during fitness certifications to post useful fitness information and tips which your clients will find beneficial.

Fitness Marketing blog

  • There are multiple fitness websites and social platforms available – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. While it is good to use these platforms to achieve a wider reach, you need to select just a few channels to make an impact. The decision for selecting the appropriate channels could be based on the ones where the majority of your clients go, as also those related to your brand.
  • Once you select the appropriate channels based on your clients’ preferences, the next step is to make sure you are able to capture their attention with useful tips and information with regard to their fitness regime. Clients would like to know what they can gain from your website. You could post information on special offers, discounts, facilities, products etc. Other helpful articles and/or fitness videos which you have on #1 fitness training qualifications can also be posted.
  • Besides catering to your present list of clients, as mentioned above the social media is a great way to attract new business. If you use Twitter the Advanced Search facility and use of the relevant key word will help you to check out probable followers. Facebook can be used as an advertising medium. Instagram also has an advertising facility and when a hashtag is used, it will help you to reach a new group of people who could be interested in physical fitness. Instagram also has a service where you can look up videos/pictures posted by people in the locality. From such information you might come across a few potential clients. However, be cautious when making any contact, especially if the account you are looking at has a locked-in sign. This indicates it is a private account.
  • Whenever you use social media for business purposes you should be sure you have a particular goal which connects to the audience. So before posting any information you need to draw up a list. Think of how you would like to captures the client’s attention – do you want to motivate them, educate them, entertain them etc.
  • Another way to make your posts more appealing to clients would be to highlight some of their accomplishments – with their prior permission.
  • If you feel some of your personal experiences gained in the fitness marketing blogging field would be interesting to share with your clients, you could post the same as an additional draw, using the social media route.
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