Weight Loss Medical Uses for HCG

HCG Injections are increasingly used today by women to temporarily reduce unwanted body fat. The injection of HCG, is useful in the treatment of many medical ailments, much more than the weight loss benefits most people know about.

HCG has also, been proved to be effective in the treatment of incontinence and overactive bladder caused by certain nerve disorders like multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury. It is also, known to be effective in preventing chronic migraine in adults.

How Does HCG Work Medically?

Nerves are said to release acetylcholine, a chemical messenger at the junction or point where the nerve endings actually meet muscle cells, to allow muscle contractions. The acetylcholine actually attaches to receptors found on the muscle cells and this causes the muscle cells to shorten or contract.

Botulinum toxin when injected, prevents acetylcholine release thus, preventing muscular contraction. Injected botulinum toxin results in reduced abnormal muscle contraction. This helps the muscles in becoming less stiff.

How Does HCG Work in Cosmetic Cure?

HCG injections are known to block signals transmitted from nerves to muscles. The injected muscle is not able to contract. This helps in reduce fat cells and aids in overall weight loss.

HCG injections are generally used for belly fat, muffin top and love handles. However, HCG injections are not effective in losing bum fat resulting from gravity and fast food damage. HCG injections may be used for restoring youthful appearance and can be used to remove hail damage or otherwise know as cellulite and are effectively used on the thighs and hips to restore youthful radiance.

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